Monday, December 29, 2014

Betwixt and between the old and the new

It's "that time" between Christmas and New Year. Still 2014, but there's not much of that year left, but we're not yet into the new year. We did lots of lovely visiting before and during Christmas and got to enjoy the season through the eyes of the younglings which just makes my Christmas. Then there were four of us gathered here at the house on Christmas day which made for a cheerful yet relaxing day. The Christmas decorations are still out, but those normally come down by New Year's day or shortly thereafter. I always love to decorate the tree and house, but then it feels good to take them down soon after Christmas.

I didn't get the DWR finished for Christmas giving.

The top is done and everything is loaded on the quilting frame, but I didn't have the thread I in the calm and quiet after Christmas I placed my order with Bobbin Central. I used Glide on the butterfly quilt I made for my sister-in-law and I was very happy with it. For this quilt I'm going to try their trilobal polyester. The shimmer of the Glide thread was perfect for the butterflies. On the DWR I just want the matte finish so it gives texture and definition without attracting too much attention. I think Fil-tech's prices are reasonable and I really  like that it is an American-made product.

On the bird front, we continue to have bare ground with still-green grass. However, it's much cooler today than yesterday anand the weather forecasters are mentioning the s#@$  word so we may soon see some of the white stuff again. My DSL gave us a tractor shaped suet feeder for Christmas along with suet cakes (such a perfect gift!) and the woodpeckers, chickadees and titmice all approve as well.

So, here's to the days between the old year and the new. My Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine just came in the mail today. Lots of good reading and eye candy there! And I could always get started on piecing another Project Linus quilt. That would be a very good way to head into the new year!

Hope your days are filled with peace and piecing.