Sunday, December 14, 2014

Who knew I had it in me?!

The DWR quilt has officially been a flimsy for about a week, but it hasn't made it onto the quilting frame yet. It has taken a backseat to mission critical dolly clothes-making, which MUST be done in time for Christmas. Mind you, I've never made doll clothes before, and only made one simple blouse and one easy dress years ago when I was in high school. Nevertheless I decided I wanted to tackle this for loved ones. And I'm glad I did! They're not perfect, but it was fun to do, and I had only pennies in the fabric so even if I totally screwed up it would only be a loss of my time, not of "cash money" as an old auctioneer from my neck of the woods used to say. I'm really okay with the results, and think the younglings who will receive them this Christmas will be, too. I love actually having time to do this type of thing. :)

Ready for chef duties!

Pretty in pink...and white.

Bonjour, passport pouch and printed passport, map and guide book!

Tee time.

Baby's sleeper (see, I knew there was a reason to continue to save the leftover knit fabric from making bassinet sheets five years ago!)

Mix n match with bling attached.

Princess dress...check!

It's truly a joy to be one of Santa's elves for the ones we love!

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