Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Get a grip, let 'er rip

Yesterday I started quilting the DWR. I'm very happy with the color of the cream colored thread and how it looks on the quilt. I was not, however, happy with the pink I chose to use on the arcs. Not the thread company's fault...I just did not like the color and how it looked in the areas where I had thread buildup...not to mention all my wobbles which could not be missed on the white backing. I know I should just use a busy fabric on the back, but I also love the convenience of wide backing fabric so I dont have to piece it. Plus, I just really like the look of the "reads as a solid" back on this.

So here was my mess:

I had really wanted to use that pink thread on this, so created plenty of ripping activity. What a fun way to spend hours of the day...and to think I did it to myself! Well, after that I got to do more ripping this morning when a small bit of thread hung up in the bobbin case area. Fortunately, that created a loopy tension issue so even though I didn't realize it for a few minutes since the top tension looked okay, the time it took to rip that wee bit of mess took much less time. Then I was off to the races, although since I'm doing a lot of stitch in the ditch work, and then a panto in the larger cream colored piece,  it's more tortoise than hare speed. ;)

In peace and piecing,


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