Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The Syracuse University basketball game was really good even though they didn't win, so I didn't end up trimming the quilt until this morning.

Once I did that it was time to tackle making continuous bias binding.  Missouri Star Quilt Company has a YouTube video which gave me the gist of it but it was early days for them and I couldn't see how and where Jenny D. was "crossing" the marked lines, so I poked around briefly and found  text and photo tutorial which I really found helpful: Generations Quilt Patterns . Also look for the link on the page to part one of the tutorial - that has some great charts regarding the amount of fabric you need to create the size and amount of binding you want.

I found the cross-hatch marks to be particularly helpful when I was pinning the "tube" prior to sewing the seam.

This is what the tube looked like after sewing the seam -
Then it was a simple matter of cutting on the line and... voila! continuous bias binding. After lunch we moved my sewing table and my Janome out to the sunroom and I basked in warmth and sunlight  (the outside temperature was about 14 °F) while I slowly stitched the binding to the front side of the quilt. It's real progress! :)

In peace and piecing,


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